About Us

TACA SPORT is an Italian company active in the sale of both natural and organic food, sports clothing and accessories, both on a regular basis and on-line dietary supplements for sports, health and wellbeing.
Born in December 2016, the company has always worked with method, care and attention to its customers by focusing on loyalty to them by practicing a multi-market market.
The web site www.tacasport.com is one of the tools on which the company bases its own sales activity, within which products are offered for both the sportsman and the one who is attentive to the physical fitness and the well-being of the body.
To meet customer needs, TACA SPORT carefully selects all the products offered, always looking for the right price without losing the quality required by the customer
The daily commitment of TACA SPORT is always focused on meeting the needs of its customers and satisfying them in their purchases.

You can register online on our site and start saving; after the first purchase you will be able to access additional discounts.

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TACA SPORT  Via Strada Vecchia, snc  -  04018 Sezze (Latina) Italy
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